Nightlife Trip: A Chicago Party Bus Is a Great Night Out

After a long week at work, stressful life obligations, and working hard to get where you want to go, its ok to concede that you deserve something special for all of your hard work. These days, if you want to have that great and exciting weekend out, it can be extremely difficult to find parking, attain transportation, and refrain from alcohol. Fortunately, these types of struggles can be easily avoided by getting a party bus for the weekend. A Chicago party bus is the best way to have a good time on the town without the inconveniences of transportation and refraining from really having a good time.

Anywhere You Want to Go

The great thing about party buses is that by hiring a party bus, you can conveniently get to where you need to. All you need to do is to pick where you’d like to go through the night and the driver will facilitate your needs. If you do find that some places are over booked, you can always ask the driver their recommendations. Party bus drivers are experienced in navigating through the city, so they are bound to know which places are best to stop at and how to get there with as little traffic and problems as possible.

Party as You Go


The party doesn’t need to stop when you get on the bus or come out of a club or party. Party buses are means to keep the party going all night long. The buses are equipped with amenities such as a bar, disco balls, dancing poles, state-of-the-art stereo systems, and so much more. With these perks, you can move your party to your party bus and enjoy a great night with your close friends or significant other.

Enough Room for Everyone

Finally, party buses are a great way to have a exciting night out because you don’t need to leave anyone behind. With personal transportation, there are only so many people willing to drive, significantly reducing who attends and who doesn’t. On the other hand, a party bus allows you to bring along many more people so that you can enjoy with whomever you want throughout the night. Your friends can also bring their own drinks and other party amenities to further supplement the party bus experience. So, if you’re looking for a good time in Chicago, then a party bus is the best way to go.


Treat Your Bridal Party On A Wedding Party Bus

A wedding is not only a celebration of the bride and groom, but also of their friends and close relatives who rejoice in the happy occasion and make the whole event a lifetime memory for the couple. So the bridal party should be treated with luxurious comfort, while they join to enjoy the exclusive moments of their girl, when she is entering into a new phase of life.

Service provided by a wedding party bus

 The hiring of a wedding party bus is a grand idea of pampering the bridal guests, which will provide them best entertainment while carrying them to and from the wedding and reception site. These buses take the responsibility to carry the bride and the bridesmaid, along with other members of the bridal group in time for the wedding ceremony and then to the reception party. Some buses also offer to take the bride and other women to the beauty parlor for their make-up and hairdressing, before taking them to the venue of the wedding ceremony.


Similarly the same bus can also carry the groom and his people to saloon for getting ready for the special occasion. These buses ensure that everyone involved in a wedding reach at the correct time for being a part of this occasion. After the wedding ceremony is over, all the guests are taken to the venue of reception party and they can also enjoy a ride all around the city, just for the sake of having some more fun, before joining the reception. The buses can also carry the guests safely back to their homes, after the party is over, if asked for this service.

Facilities offered by a wedding party bus

 These bus services are generally provided with all types of arrangements for entertainment, like alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, snacks and also suitable music are played through a good music system. Some buses provide more fun by keeping a plasma TV where the guests can watch different enjoyable programs or videos. Some buses contain mini bars, to allow unlimited drinks and merriment to the bridal guests. High quality wine, like champagne is offered to the guests on this bus. The royal comfort within the bus and superbly smooth ride in these buses, with due credit to their expert chauffeurs lure the guests for hiring their services for more occasions. The cleanliness and various other hi-tech services are significant qualities of these special buses. Some buses also have the tradition of giving some gifts to the guests, when they ride those buses towards their destination.

A wedding party bus can be hired at quite an affordable price, which is usually charged a flat fee per event, instead of hourly charges that may turn to be costlier for the clients. Usually a Limousine is used as this type of party buses, which can provide all types of luxuries to the passengers. As a Limousine ride cannot be possible everyday for common people, this ride for attending a marriage ceremony, will make the guests remember this occasion for ever. These buses are specially decorated for the occasion, with flowers and ribbons. Most of these bus services welcome any suggestion from their clients that will make their service more memorable for the guests.


Where To Hold A Chicago Bachelorette Party

A bachelorette party is usually held by a would-be bride and her friends, to enjoy her spinster life freely for the last time before her marriage. This custom started in accordance with the bachelor party that is usually arranged by a groom and his friends, before the wedding. In these parties, the guests are treated with best drinks available here, the melodious music and dance facility on a well-decorated dance floor, where all the girls can sing, dance and have fun for the whole night.

Bachelorette party in restaurants of Chicago

Usually these bachelorette parties are held in good hotels or restaurants, where the girls can take a room for rent and enjoy their whole night out. In Chicago, there are plenty of marvelous restaurants, offering a quiet or a wild night for the partying girls. So a Chicago bachelorette party is can be held at any of these restaurants, where various innovative foods and cocktail drinks are offered to the guests. Some restaurants also offer popular tasty street-foods that the young people normally love to munch on. The environments of these restaurants are fashionable and provided with all the latest facilities, required for an enjoyable party. Few restaurants have huge video walls, which show various types of music videos or other entertaining programs, according to the demand of the guests of the parties. In some restaurants, the chefs can be contacted for ordering any special menu for the guests of a bachelorette party. Many of these restaurants have many attendants for serving the guests and provide whatever they want during the party-time.

Bachelorette party in local clubs of Chicago

A Chicago bachelorette party can also be ideally held in a club, where abundance of lip-smacking foods and energetic drinks are available, which are as good as the ones found in any best hotel in the city. These clubs generally have plenty of varieties of beer and wine, which can be taken out of the tap system of the clubs, that enable the guests to pour as much drink as they want, while the amounts of drinks are monitored by the staff through an LED TV system. The guests can also ask for any special cocktail drink, which will be instantly served by the bartender of the club as asked. Moreover, the best music are played in these clubs, by renowned professional singers or top DJs, who will make the guests tap their feet to the beats of the music on the dance floor and enjoy the whole night according to their wish. These clubs offer attractive packages for hiring rooms and their services for a successful bachelorette party in this city.

Bachelorette party in hotels of Chicago

A bachelorette party can be held at a good hotel in Chicago, where the host can book a luxury suite and enjoy the whole night there, accompanied by plenty of foods and drinks. The bathrooms of these suits are usually built in trendy style, with all the required facilities. The professional hotel staffs usually take good care of the ladies attending the bachelorette parties and help them whenever needed. The price of holding a bachelorette party in any well-known hotel in Chicago is quite reasonable for the hosts, thus highly preferred by many people.


How Much Does A Chicago Party Bus Cost?

The common people cannot regularly afford to enjoy the luxuries of a ride in a limousine or any other kind of party bus. But, now several bus services offer reasonable prices for their party bus rides, which can be affordable for many people, without degrading their quality of services. Though Chicago is a costly city, the service providers of party buses have arranged for costs within the means of most of the common mass.

Factors affecting the costs of Chicago party bus

 Usually people have many queries about the Chicago party bus cost, as these prices vary from one service provider to another. But most of them quotes their fees for various services offered in a party bus rather than a complete package, to enable the customers to choose the specific services they want for their individual parties, so that they may not have to pay for anything that they do not want. Normally the cost of hiring a party bus depends on a few factors –

The cost of hiring the party buses increase in peak season, which usually lasts from late April to early June, when the weather is the most comfortable for any kind of enjoyment. But a customer can always opt for an off-season date, when the rate is considerably lower.


The cost also depends on the day of the week, when the party is to be held; as the cost of the party bus shoots up during the weekends, which is the most preferred party time. But the cost is kept comparatively lower in working days of a week, when the parties are seen to be rare.

The cost of a party bus also depends on the amount of guests invited to the party, the distance that is to be covered by the party bus and the duration hours of the party for which the bus has to be booked.

Rates offered by a Chicago party bus

 Usually different types of vehicles are offered as party buses and their costs vary on these varieties; like Sedan or Limousine with the capacity of carrying 2 to 10 people cost comparatively lesser, which may range from $100 to $150. But Hummer or Cadillac with the capacity of carrying 10 to 22 people usually cost more, in the range of $175 to $250. The highest price is charged for special Limo party bus, with the large capacity of carrying 22 to 30 people, which generally ranges from $200 to $300. If the customer asks for Pick Up and Drop Off facility for his guests, all these charges will naturally go higher to some extent.

Usually, a Chicago party bus cost includes the cost of petrol and the driver’s fees, along with the prices set for different chosen services. These fleets of buses can accommodate services for any corporate or personal event, attended by the professionals who look after the comforts of the guests. But a customer should compare the charge rates offered by different service providers of this arena, and then choose the one whose rate suits his budget plan the best. As Chicago is known for different types of parties going on for various occasions, the services of these party buses are appreciated by a huge number of people here and this preference is triggered by their affordable prices.


Give Your Daughter A Thrill By Hiring A Sweet 16 Party Bus

When a girl reaches the age of 16, it is a great day for her as now she finds herself crossing the teenage phase and moving towards an adult one. So it is natural that she will expect this birthday to be celebrated in a special manner. For this reason, the parents want to arrange the best sweet 16 party for their daughters, whose memory she will be able to cherish for whole life. This party can be a reserved one, held at home with friends and relatives with lots of enjoyment; though most of the girls may look forward for something unique on her special birthday.

Facilities provided in the buses of sweet 16 parties

 So this sweet 16 party is preferably held in a hotel ballroom, or the parents can hire a yacht or a sweet 16 party bus, where the birthday girl can enjoy with her friends, to their hearts’ content. However, the limo party buses are considered as the best option for this party by many parents.


These limo party buses are noted for their guaranteed safety of the youngsters, as these buses are driven by experienced and licensed chauffeurs; though the comfort and the luxuries offered here is also not to be overlooked.

  • In many sweet 16 parties, these buses are decorated according to the themes of the concerned parties and the journeys in these buses are turned into a memorable fun ride. The parents can provide definite ideas to the bus authorities for making their daughters’ birthdays more joyous. But the parents can choose anyone from the different natures and themes, generally offered by the bus service providers for this sort of parties.
  • Usually these parties last for around 4 hours, but additional hours of service are available on request.
  • Plenty of non-alcoholic beverages like tea, coffee, soda water or other soft drinks are provided to the guests.
  • The options of buffet or plated dinner are offered in the parties, with chosen food items served in classy glassware or silverware. The guests are offered seats in banquet chairs and tables, covered with white linen cloths and decorated with candles or flowers in the center. The enjoyment of this dinner is doubled by sweet background music.
  • Special entertainments are provided to the guests by keeping the tattoo artists or magicians or funny caricaturists in the bus and allowing them to exhibit their talents. The arrangements of some exciting games are also provided in these bus services.

Security measures that are taken about the buses for sweet 16 parties

  • The cell numbers of the chauffeurs of the party buses are given to the parents of the hosts.
  • The backgrounds of the chauffeurs of these buses are properly checked, to see if they are free from any drug addiction or ill-reputed background.
  • The parents can locate a sweet 16 party bus from their homes, when their girls are boarded on it, as many buses are provided with GPS tracking system.
  • All the buses are thoroughly checked to see if there is any mechanical problem, before starting for the joy ride.