DATE – 2010
MEDIUM – Interactive video installation
STATUS – Displayed at Transmediale in Berlin, Germany


INTERSECTION is a work exploring the history of the Berlin Wall and is comprised of an interactive video installation that morphs between a set of a panoramic murals shot at the same Berlin Wall site between the years 1988 to 2009. The 3.6 meter high by 15 meter long piece uses beamers, cameras and computer software to track the location of people in front of the piece which is designed to convey a rich, complex impression of the enormous physical and geopolitical transformations the area around the wall has under gone over the last 20 years by allowing people the ability to literally “walk in and out of time”. By giving viewers the ability to explore history with their bodies as well as their eyes the piece aims to create an image that becomes alive, reacting to the movement of the viewers to project a sense of the multifaceted history the area holds. The Intersection exhibition was funded through a Media Arts grant from the Canada Council of the Arts.

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