DATE – 1995
MEDIUM – Interactive robotic installation
STATUS – Displayed at the Net@works exhibition, National Centre of the Arts Mexico City

In the 1994 cultural exchange between Canada and Mexico, the exhibition “Los Colores de la Voluntad”, a meeting of the minds of new media and computer artists initiated the concept of an exchange exhibition from Toronto to Mexico City of Computer Art, New Media and Technology. In the following documents and visual support material you will see how this idea has unfolded into a powerful display of work from Toronto, interconnecting it with an international multi-media exhibition from one of Torontos major institutions.
Selected works from TechnoArt, curated by Faye Greaves, of the Ontario Science Centre and Derrick de Kerckhove of the McLuhan Program, along with a collective of Canadian artists from Toronto curated by Steev Morgan, “Net@Works”, create the next cultural exchange art exhibition that travels to Mexico from Canada. Included in the program is a lecture series comprised of 6 artists from TechnoArt and “Net@Works”. They will travel to Mexico to install their work and give lectures and slide presentations about their research and process and Canadian Computer Art, New Media and Technology.

We have been invited to exhibit this work at Centro Nacional de las Artes in Mexico City. This is a new institution that opened in November of 1994. It houses all of the schools of art in Mexico City, as well as extended courses in all media; and galleries to exhibit the work of national and international artists. We are working with NAFAA-Mexico, and Director Jorge Morales, and sponsored by the Centro MultiMedia at the CNA and Coordinator Andrea di Castro. Jorge was the curator and coordinator of the Mexican art exhibition, “Los Colores de la Voluntad”, and Andrea is a multimedia artist who came to Toronto as an artist and lecturer with Los Colores.

This exhibition is a direct outcome of “Los Colores de la Voluntad”, and an example of how these exchanges can create an ongoing relationship between our two countries and cultures. These events are crossroads, and facilitate new ideas and opportunities for people, artists and institutions of both countries.

This project is the continuation of a series of cultural exchanges between Canada and Mexico sponsored by NAFAA. It is through this kind of artistic interaction and Inter-access’ that our two worlds can bridge the gaps between their differences and build a solid base on which we can begin to grow into the future together.
Director – Eleni Mokas