Teletables – Liveform Telekinetics

DATE – 2001
MEDIUM – Telepresence robotic installation
STATUS – Exhibited simultaneously at Interaccess in Toronto and the WAAG in Amsterdam

The LiveForm:Telekinetics (LF:TK) project re-imagines the familiar objects and utensils of our everyday social spaces as an electronically activated play environment, capable of transmitting over distance the physical presence and social gesture that comprise such a vital element of human interaction. Furniture, decorations, cutlery, doodads, and bric-a-brac come to life as both kinetic art and telecommunication interfaces, building a complex arrangement of movement and gesture. Imagine a shared creation, a social ritual, a dance through objects, an electric dinner-table that is played.The Liveform Telekinetics exhibition was funded through a Media Arts grant from the Canada Council of the Arts.
Created by Jeff Mann and Michelle Teran
Guest artists, Graham Smith, Jim Ruxton, Veronica Verkley,

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