Fukushima Café

DATE – 2013
DISCIPLINE – Education

Fukushima Café is are a series of open public events around the world which address the issue of the March 11th, 2011 nuclear meltdown at Fukushima in Japan which is currently in the news regarding the facilities nuclear pollution of the Pacific Ocean and the imminent danger of a nuclear disaster by a possible “nuclear fuel pool fire” which can break out any time if human error or another earthquake makes the situation worse.
The Café helps visualize the scale of the disaster and seeks to collect information about what is happening at the nuclear facility in Japan to make it accessible to the public and to actively disseminate this information further. Another goal of the events is to activate a “pollination” process to help in a best case scenario to generate ideas (or approaches) on how to solve the problem and to create new connections between worried citizens, scientists and politicians concerned about the issue in order to cut through the “sarcophagus of silence” that seems to have been placed over the subject by the mainstream media.

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