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Nationality     Canadian
Born                 1958 Vancouver, Canada
Education         1979 – 1983 Ontario College of Art, 2017 University College Dublin – PhD Candidate
Telephone        437 249 1137



I have been exhibiting my artwork internationally since 1986 when I took part in the “Strategic Arts Initiative” exhibition that linked Canada and Italy in the world’s first telepresence robotics exhibition. From 1993 to 1995 I directed the VRAAP program (Virtual Reality Artist Access Program) at the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology at the University of Toronto where I explored the effects virtual technologies have on society. In 2001 I was one of 10 artists involved in the ground breaking “Liveform Telekinetics” project that linked Interaccess in Toronto to the WAAG new media center in Amsterdam with videoconferencing media. In 2007 I exhibited “MOBI” and “Morphing Machinery” at the DEAF festival in Rotterdam and in 2009 completed the “Emoti-Chair”, a 3 year Canada Council /NSERC research project with Ryerson University to develop a way to simulate the affect of sound in movies for deaf people using a combination of non audio sensory inputs. In 2010 I exhibited “Intersection” at Transmediale in Berlin, “3di” for the Dutch cultural pavilion at Expo in Shanghai, “Third Eye” for the European Capital of Culture that took place in Essen, Germany and OVERVIEW for the European Space Agency. In 2011 I exhibited the telepresence art piece “Displaced Perspectives 2.0” at the second Strategic Arts Initiative 2.0 exhibition that linked V2 in Rotterdam with Interaccess in Toronto as part of the McLuhan 100 festival. In 2014 I exhibited the robotic work “MOBI Jr.” in Sandnes Norway and my first outdoor kinetic sculpture “Undulations” in the Delft Sculpture Park in the Netherlands. In 2015 the Vitenfabrikken Science Centre in Norway installed my first permanent robotic installation called “Froken Mobi”. In 2017 I exhibited “Sensing Presence” in an exhibition at the VRTO conference and created the HUBOT Mobi robots for the Next Nature Network in The Netherlands.


For three decades, I have worked professionally as an international robotics expert and ‘robot maker’, technologist, international researcher and entrepreneur in the areas of telepresence, robotics, and virtual reality. As an entrepreneur I have started 3 companies in these areas.

In 1987 started my first company called Horizonscan to commercialize my panoramic virtual reality inventions and in 1996 formed my 2nd company named Telbotics to roll out PEBBLES (Providing Education By Bringing Learning Environments to Students) that was installed in over 150 hospitals and schools in Canada and the US.

My current focus is on TAR (Telepresence Autism Research) focusing on the positive impact telepresence technology can have on people with Autism and other nonverbal and ‘hard to reach’ individuals. We are working with schools and institutions in Canada and The Netherlands on the use case studies for this project, as part of my PhD in the SMARTlab Thematic PhD in Inclusive Design and Creative Technology Innovation in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at University College Dublin, in partnership with our Canadian Centre of Excellence at Ryerson University in Toronto. As part of the PhD I have recently co-invented the EyeMaus: a robotic presence device enabling increased ‘control’ of their presence stream for people with communications challenges.


In 2007 I started my 3rdrd company, Webchair: through Webchair we deployed over 500 units that link children recovering from cancer to their learning environments in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany.


2017   HUBOT MOBI, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2016    ROBOT REACTIONS, Vitenfrabrikken, Sandnes, Norway
2015   FROKEN MOBI, Vitenfrabrikken, Sandnes, Norway
2014   UNDULATIONS, Delft Sculpture Park, Delft, Netherlands
MOBI JR., Vitenfrabrikken, Sandnes, Norway
2013   RIECHSTAGSBRAND 2.0, Berlin Messa, Berlin, Germany
SPIRAL BELL, Bestuling, The Hauge, Netherlands
FUKUSHIMA CAFÉ 1.0, WAAG Society, Amsterdam, Netherlands
FUKUSHIMA CAFÉ 2.0, Berlin, Germany
2012   MORPHOGENIC, Collaboration with Anouk Wipprecht, Vienna, Austria
2011   DISPLACED PERSPECIVES 2.0, SAI 2.0, Interaccess, Toronto & V2 Rotterdam, Netherlands
SUMO WRESTLING ROBOTS, Cinekind, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2010     OVERVIEW, European Space Agency, Noordwijk, Netherlands 
THE THIRD EYE, Ruhr2010, Zollverien, Essen, Germany
3rd i, Expo2010, Netherlands Culture House, Shanghai and Rotterdam
INTERSECTION, Transmediale, Potzdamerplatz, Berlin, Germany
2009     EMOTION CHAIR, Music Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2008     EMOTION CHAIR, Ontario Science Centre, Canada
EMOTION CHAIR, Multi_Modal, V2, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2007     MORPHING MACHINERY, DEAF, V2, Rotterdam, Netherlands
MOBI, DEAF, V2, Rotterdam, Netherlands
MOBI, Dutch Ministry of Culture, Netherlands
CYBERCITY RUHR, Robotdag, Bochem, Germany
2006      CYBERCITY OPEN AIR ATILIER, Utopia Machen, Wandelbar, Essen, Germany
MOBI, Zwijger opening, WAAG, Amsterdam, Netherlands
MOBI, WAAG 10th anniversary, WAAG, Amsterdam, Netherlands
TELEMOBI, STRP Festival, Eindhoven, Netherlands
TELEMOBI, Fusion 06, Ontario science Center, Toronto, Canada
TOUCH ME, TOUCH ME, Villa Zebra, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2005   ECHO’S, 60 anniversary of the end of WWII, Netherlands/Canada
LIBERATION, Splendid Immersion, V2, Rotterdam, Netherlands
TELEPRESENCE STAIRS, Splendid Immersion, V2, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2003     PEBBLES, Museum for Communications, The Hague, Netherlands
SENTIENT CREATURES, WAAG , Amsterdam, Netherlands
2001      TELETABLES, Liveform Telekinetics, Interaccess, Toronto & WAAG , Amsterdam
1999      ORIENTATION, Artist as Machine, Durham Art Gallery, Durham, Canada
1998      RAIN SPHERE, Space Probe, Interaccess, Toronto, Canada
1996      ORIENTATION, Perspective on Perspective, Interaccess, Toronto, Canada
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LAURA’S HOUSE, Image du Futur, Old Port, Montreal, Canada
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1989.  INTERSECTIONS THROUGH TIME, Harbourfront Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1988   INTERSECTIONS THROUGH TIME, Museum of Check Point Charlie, Berlin
1988   THE AMBASSADORS, New Works Showcase, The Funnel, Toronto, Canada
METRO MOTIONS, Back To Amsterdam, De Meervaart, Amsterdam, Nertherlands
DISPLACED PERSPECTIVES, Artculture Resource Centre, Toronto and Salerno, Italy
DISPLACED PERSPECTIVES, Artculture Resource Centre, Toronto and Paris, France
1985   METRO MOTIONS, Collages & 3-D Photographiques, Ovo Gallery, Montreal, Canada
WREAK BEACH, Contemporary Canadian photography, McGill, Toronto
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SKINNED, Artventure, 2nd prize, New Works Competition, Royal Bank, Toronto, Canada
1980   DEPENDENCE, 1st prize, New Sculpture Competition, Koffler Gallery, Toronto, Canada


2017   PRESENCE FIELDS, VRTO, Toronto, Canada
2000   PANDORA’S BOX, Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden & InterAccess, Toronto, Canada
1995   ELECTRIC SKIN, Interaccess, Toronto, ISEA 95 Montreal, Canada, New York, USA
CYBERCITY, Aperto, Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy


2017   Media Arts, Production Grant, Ontario Arts Council
2017   Media Arts, Production Grant, Canada Council
2013   Media Arts, Research Grant, Canada Council
2009   Media Arts, Production Grant, Canada Council
2006 – 2008    Media Arts, New Media Initiative, Canada Council and NSERC
1983, 1984, 1994   Computer Integrated Media, Canada Council
1986, 1988, 1994   Photography & New Media, Ontario Arts Council


2006   Da Vinci Award
1999   Sweden, Global Bangamann Challange


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2013   Webchair 2.0 – next generation telepresence display.
2010   Web Booth – Exhibited at the World Expo in Shanghai for V2 in Rotterdam.
2009   Webchair 2.0 –80 units deployed linking sick children to their schools.
2007   Webchair –120 units deployed linking sick children to their schools.
2003   Presence Projector –Video display that creates a sensation of human presence.
2002   PEBBLES 2.0 – Most Innovative Product award from Kiosk World magazine.
2001   LookBot – Robot panoramic video projector and camera for the Crevice Collective.
2000   Eyecam – Prototype eye contact telepresence display for Ex’ovision.
1999   Jestertek – Hand recognition vision system for Jestertek.
1998    PEBBLES 1.0 – Robot videoconferencing system for Ryerson University.
1991    Horizonscope – Panoramic display for HorizonScan.
1990    Videoglasses – Head mounted video display for Jaron Lanier at VPL Research.


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2015 – Froken Mobi

2014 – Undulations

2011 – Displaced Perspectives 2.0

2010- Intersection

2010- The Third Eye

2010- 3di

2009- Emoti-chair

2007 – Mobi jr

2005 – Echo’s

2003 – Sentient Creatures                        

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1983 – Displaced Perspective