DATE – 2015
MEDIUM – Kinetic sculpture
STATUS – Displayed at Delft Sculpture Park from 2014 to 2015

“Undulations” is a solar powered kinetic sculpture that was installed at the Delft Sculpture Park in the Netherlands from Sept 2014 to Feb. 2015. The piece reacts to its environment like a plant in nature by storing solar energy and discharging it as motion into the environment. Its limbs hold clusters of solar cells that accumulate power, which is released in a wavelike pulse into a 10m tall spring that hangs vertically like a stainless steel stem. During sunny periods a mechanism creates quick intervals of waveforms in the vertically hanging spring, during cloudy periods the cycle of waves slows down, at night the piece stops completely and goes to sleep when the sun goes down and then at sunrise it awakens with the first light that re-energizes the system. The piece represents a balanced technological ecosystem that takes in and releases compatible levels of energy in relation to its habitat. “Undulations” was funded through a Media Arts grant from the Canada Council of the Arts.